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Out-of-State Customers

Live outside of Ohio? No worries.

We make the process of purchasing a used vehicle from our Canton, OH dealership easy for out-of-state customers.

At Ohio Auto Warehouse, we believe convenience is a cornerstone of the used vehicle buying experience. And that's even more so the case for those seeking to purchase a vehicle across state lines. From tools helping you engage in the sales process from home, to vehicle shipping, we make the entire experience as easy as possible for those outside Ohio.


Aggressive financing rates

Living in another state doesn't mean you miss out on the aggressive financing rates Ohio residents can take advantage of at our dealership. We've ensured these rates are available for drivers in most states.*


Paperwork & plates

It can be a pain to deal with the out-of-state registration process. But you won't have to worry about that at Ohio Auto Warehouse; we'll take this process out of your hands and handle the paperwork for you. We'll even ship your registration and license plates to you once your paperwork has been processed.


Vehicle shipping

Do you foresee wanting to skip the trip to Canton to take delivery of your vehicle? No worries. We can help arrange to have your vehicle shipped to your driveway. It's all about making your buying experience stress-free at Ohio Auto Warehouse.