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Maintenance and Repair Services in Canton, OH

Our Service Center is your hometown mechanic and shop for all your vehicle maintenance and repair needs. Scheduling an appointment is easy, and our professionals perform quality work that makes your vehicle run good as new. Whether you need routine maintenance or major repairs, our shop can complete a full range of services for your vehicle.

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Services We Provide at Ohio Auto Warehouse Near North Canton

Our full-service mechanical shop has all the state-of-the-art equipment to handle all your routine maintenance and repair needs. We specialize in heavy-duty work trucks and can work on all makes and models, including top name brands like Ford, Chevy, RAM, and GMC. Our technicians have a broad range of experience and know their way around all kinds of cars, trucks, and SUVs. We also have our very own collision center to handle more serious repairs and bodywork. For all your maintenance and repair needs around Massillon, trust the experts at Ohio Auto Warehouse.

Routine Maintenance

All manufacturers have recommended routine maintenance to ensure the life of your vehicle and keep your warranty valid if it's a newer model. Routine maintenance covers tasks like oil changes, filter replacements, battery checks, and fluid top-offs. You can find all the recommended maintenance and when they should be completed in your owner's manual. Routine maintenance is typically recommended at specific mileage or time markers. Following your routine maintenance will ensure your vehicle runs right for decades.

Diagnostics and Multipoint Inspections

We provide a multipoint inspection anytime you bring your vehicle in for maintenance. We look over all your vehicle's major components to ensure we catch any excessive wear and tear or any other issues and keep you aware of the status of all the important elements of your vehicle. If you know something is wrong, like hearing strange noises or your car is not operating as it should, we can run diagnostics to pinpoint any potential issues and address them before they cause more problems.

Tire Services

Tires can last for tens of thousands of miles, depending on the brand, and should be replaced when the tread is low, unevenly worn, or if there is any damage. We offer comprehensive tire services like replacements, alignments, and rotations.

Brake Services

Your brakes are one of the most essential safety features on your vehicle, and we can look at the brake pads and rotors to ensure they are not worn down and are in good working order. Some other brake services include checking the brake fluid lines and replacing brake pads and rotors as needed.

Repairs and Parts Replacement

Our technicians are skilled in all kinds of repairs and services. We also have access to our very own parts department, where we can acquire quality aftermarket and OEM parts that will fit your vehicle perfectly every time.

Collision Repair Services

For more extensive damage due to accidents, we have our own collision center where we can repair major damage. Our high-tech equipment and body paint shop allow us to repair and realign your vehicle. Our professionals can also fix any visible damage to get your car back up to factory standards and looking good as new.

Visit Our Service Center at Ohio Auto Warehouse Near Akron

You can schedule an appointment online or in person anytime at your convenience. Walk-ins are welcome but making an appointment will help you avoid any long waiting times. Our service experts can help get you started and work out when you need to bring your vehicle for routine maintenance. Our collision center has plenty of experience working with your insurance to make the process easier. For all your maintenance and repair needs, head over to Ohio Auto Warehouse's Service Center.

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